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VEGANZ Organic Roasted Hazelnut 80 g


VEGANZ Organic Roasted Hazelnut 80 g

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It’s a hard nut life – which is why we’ve spared no effort by putting crunchy, finely roasted hazelnuts in this bar. Covered in an especially tender, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, the Organic Veganz Roasted Hazelnut will truly candy-coat your life. Pretty sweet of us, huh?  

Our high-quality organic cocoa comes from Latin America, or the Dominican Republic to be exact. Next to the organic certification, it also bears the UTZ seal. This means that the farmer and working conditions are monitored and child labour is forbidden on the plantations. Additionally, because of this seal, the rainforest is under special protection. In order to provide us with further security, our Veganz Code of Conduct also regulates social standards that are respected by our suppliers.



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