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Vantastic Vital Wheat Gluten 750g


Vital Wheat Gluten or aslo known as Seitan Fix



INGREDIENTSWheat gluten (100%)

ALLERGY ADVICE: The product contains wheat and gluten.

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Prepare seitan yourself in no time – with Vantastic Seitan Fix from Vantastic foods!

Seitan is a traditional and particularly versatile food that brings a lot of variety to vegan cuisine. Although seitan is vegetable through and through, it has a meat-like consistency. It can be prepared in a variety of ways and, because of its restrained flavor, can be wonderfully seasoned as desired. It also contains plenty of protein. This makes it an excellent vegan meat alternative that can be used in many different dishes.

Unlike tofu, for example, you can not only buy seitan ready-made, but also easily make it yourself – with our Vantastic Seitan Fix. This is not only super uncomplicated and quickly made, but also has some advantages.

Our Vantastic foods Seitan Fix consists of wheat gluten powder. It’s plant-based, high in protein, and the perfect base for a homemade seitan just the way you like it. You can season homemade seitan to your liking right from the start and thus perfectly match the taste to your recipe. In addition, you do not have to store Vantastic Seitan Fix in the refrigerator like ready-made seitan.

Many new culinary possibilities – with Vantastic Seitan Fix from Vantastic foods!

With the seitan powder from Vantastic foods, you can make homemade seitan in no time. And this is how it works: First, you can season the powder as you like, for example with dried or fresh herbs, various spices, onions, garlic, vegetable oil, soy or lupine sauce and other ingredients – whatever you feel like. Then mix the mixture in equal parts with cooled vegetable broth and knead everything into a homogeneous dough. Then let the seitan rest for 30 minutes. Then put the whole seitan in boiling water and let it simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards you can let it cool down and cut and process it according to the recipe.

With the Vantastic Seitan Fix from Vantastic Food in your house, you always have the basis for delicious seitan ready. From a vegan alternative to meatballs to seitan roast, you can conjure up all kinds of delicacies from homemade seitan. Depending on your needs.

  • Fix powder from wheat gluten for the preparation of seitan
  • Ideal for the preparation of delicious vegan meat alternatives based on wheat
  • Wheat gluten: Vegetable and rich in proteins
  • Perfect for many dishes thanks to excellent consistency and subtle inherent taste



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