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Traditional Polish Kabanos Piri Piri Sausages Tarczynski 90g


Traditional Polish Kabanos Sausages Piri Piri with added B12 90g

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The Tarczyński brand, listening to the voices of consumers, in 2020 launched a line of snacks made entirely of plant-based ingredients, signed with the slogan “without a bite of meat”. Now the original Vegetable Kabanos is joined by Piri-Piri.


Apart from the lack of meat, the kabanos sausages contain no preservatives or gluten. The product is completely vegan, and no GMO was used in its production. Due to the high content of protein, vitamin B12, iron and fiber, it can be a nutritious snack during work, winter walks or during a trip to the mountains.

Thanks to the experience in composing kabanos sausages, the Tarczyński brand has managed to create unique products made of 100% plants with a characteristic meat texture and unique taste.

Produced 100% from plants, crispy, spicy Piri-Piri Kabanosy are available on the Polish market from January 11.



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