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The Vegan Keto Diet Book #2020 /Paperback


The Vegan Keto Diet Book #2020 /Paperback

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Vegan Weight Loss Recipes for Every Day incl. 28 Days Vegan Challenge
Are you a newbie vegan who wants to follow a keto diet? Or, maybe, are you a keto diet follower who wants to exclude any meat-based food from your nutrition? In any way, this recipe book will suit everyone eager to start a vegan ketogenic diet and lose weight on it!

The main feature of the vegan keto diet is low-carb plant-based nutrition. A low-carb diet means the reduction of consumption of such products as cereals, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, and so on. At the same time, the daily meal plan of most vegans includes plenty of these foods and different dishes made with them. And here is the question: how to combine keto and vegan? Moreover, how to eat healthy and variable food every day having so many restrictions?

The Vegan Keto Diet Book #2020 is going to answer these questions and assist you to enjoy the low-carb plant-based foods.

The cookbook focuses on the following areas:

How to combine vegan and keto
Forbidden and allowed products
Weight loss on the vegan keto diet
Breakfast ideas
Main dishes
28 Days Weight Loss Challenge and Meal Plan



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