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Strength & Spices Natural Thyroxine (60)


Strength & Spices Natural Thyroxine (60)



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Common symptoms include: fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, and constipation. A deficiency in selenium and iodine also contributes.

Unfortunately, traditional medication for hypothyroidism – Levothyroxine – treats the symptoms not the cause, and comes with a multitude of side effects. Side effects include: heat sensitivity, excessive sweating, headache, hyperactivity, nervousness, and anxiety.

Instead of subjecting your body to a lifetime of these effects, please get in touch to discuss how our natural supplement can help you.

Natural Thyroxine capsules are rich in:

✔️ Selenium – to protect the thyroid from oxidative stress damage.
✔️ Kelp – an impressive natural source of iodine
✔️ Maca Root – rich in iron to help improve energy levels and overall mood
✔️ Amino Acids – all 20 including Tryptophan to produce natural serotonin.

  • Improves natural serotonin production to boost mood and energy levels
  • Helps prevent constipation and encourages weight loss
  • Prevents muscle pain, weakness and cramps
  • 100% natural ingredients & suitable for vegans


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