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Soy Jerky Teriyaki 70g


Teriyaki Jerky by Vantastic foods 70g


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  • The tasty snack for on the go: the Soy Jerky from Vantastic foodsA hearty snack for on the go and everywhere: the Soy Jerky from Vantastic foods is much more than a vegan alternative to dried meat. It is protein-rich and really tasty – and thus an excellent snack and companion when hiking, camping, for festivals or even during sports. But also as a hearty snack in between a hard day at work, while studying or on a trip, the vegan Soy Jerky is ideal.

    The vegan dried meat alternative is made from textured soy protein and has a particularly pleasant consistency, which ensures a lot of fun while chewing. Since the Soy Jerky from Vantastic foods also has a non-refrigerated shelf life, it can accompany you pretty much anywhere and also complement your pantry – as a delicious snack that is always ready to hand when needed.

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