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Schwartz Dill 10g


Schwartz Dill 10g

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Dill belongs to the parsley family

Dill is most often used in combination with pickles, but there’s far more to this sweet herb than a mere side dish. Popular across much of Europe, the Middle East and Scandinavia, dill has a distinctive taste which is likened to fennel and celery. Closely related to parsley, its fresh aroma complements fish and seafood dishes particularly well.

Dill has a deliciously fresh, citrus-like taste, with a slightly grassy undertone. The trademark subtle sweetness means it works particularly well with garlic and mint, and it’s sometimes used as a substitute for parsley.

We dice and dry our dill on the day it’s picked and use foil-sealed jars to lock in freshness and flavour and preserve the fresh green colour



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