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Schlagcreme Vegan Mascarpone 250g


  • Schlagcreme Vegan Mascarpone 250g

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This is a light, deliciously smooth vegan mascarpone by Schlagfix. Perhaps the first in the world!
It can be used in variety of dishes like pasta fillings, risottos and for making a glorious vegan Tiramisù!

The new Schlagfix cream like Mascarpone tastes just like the original made of milk.

Thanks to the ingenious formula, the Mascarpone-like cream stands like a solig one. Perfect for rich baked goods with sweet topping. Schlagfix cream like Mascarpone is based on clear drinking water with coconut oil and surprises with a refreshingly lemony flavour. Fancy a vegan tiramisu? Schlagfix makes it possible.

The vegan cream can be used like conventional mascarpone cream, but it contains neither milk nor egg. It is therefore also suitable for people allergic to lactose and milk protein.

A milk-free, vegan cream like mascarpone for desserts and sweet pastries.

  • Naturally lactose-free: Schlagfix cream is suitable for allergy sufferers and vegans.
  • Versatile: It is suitable for cooking, baking and creamy desserts.
  • Pure vegetable: The cream is naturally vegan and free of milk, egg and other animal-based ingredients.




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