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SAVOURSMITHS Luxury Desert Salt & Vinegar Crisps100g


SAVOURSMITHS Luxury Desert Salt & Vinegar Crisps100g

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  • Nostalgic crisp eaters come together – because Salt and Vinegar doesn’t get any better!“Table salt? Never! Sea salt? Whatever!

    Only Desert Salt will do – it’s anatural, unrefined and sun-dried too. So take some vinegar, and add it to our salt and what you have is a wonderful result!

    Our 100% pure, crystal white desert salt from an ancient and pristine source in the Kalahari Desert is complemented with a heavy and delicious hand of vinegar to create the perfect balance between flavour and intensity.

  • SAVOURSMITHS is an audaciously luxurious snack brand, that is proud to be launching a better breed of crisp with their exceptionally indulgent, skin-on potato crisps in unashamedly flamboyant flavors
  • Made with potatoes grown on our family farm since 1947
  • A better breed of snack – luxurious hand cooked British snacks with style – Gluten Free, Natural Flavouring, Non GMO, MSG free



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