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RESIBO Natural Face Wash with Peach Extract 125ml


Our cleansing gel contains delicate, natural, plant extracts, such as Coconut, active substances that effectively remove impurities, while being well tolerated by the skin and do not irritate its lipid barrier.

Peach Pulp Extract is rich in bioactive substances that nourishes and moisturizes skin, preventing transepidermal water loss. Additionaly, it cleanses the skin, refreshes, rejuvenates and regenerates the epidermis,

Plant Betaine moisturizes and protects the skin against irritation and excessive drying caused by surfactants,

Oat Extract contains proteins and carbohydrates that condition the skin, preventing it from drying out and creating a moisturizing film on it. Oat Grains are also a source of vegetable glycosides which gives a gentle cleansing effect,

Tapioca Starch soothes the effects of surfactants and creates a “cream” gel formula.

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RESIBO Natural Face Wash with Peach Extract 125ml



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