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PHYSIS LAB Geranium Essential Oil — Bio 10ml


PHYSIS LAB Almond — Prunus dulcis 100mL

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Geranium essential oil with antidepressant and antiseptic properties for emotional balance, stress elimination and smooth and soft skin.

Why we formulated it
Geranium essential oil stimulates passion and sensuality, while breaking down inhibitions. It eliminates stress and pessimism and gives a sensation of revitalization. It is an excellent solution for the rough, mature skin that needs extra care and moisture. Its astringent and antimicrobial properties deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. It stimulates blood circulation, thus preventing the appearance of cellulite and premature sagging of the skin. It is suitable for menstrual problems/disorders, as it contributes to hormonal balancing. It relieves congestion, fluid retention and swollen ankles.


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