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Organic Sliced Spelt bread with Quinoa Sottolestelle (400gr)


Organic Sliced Spelt bread with Quinoa Sottolestelle (400gr)


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Organic sliced bread from spelt flour and quinoa flour with extra virgin olive oil and natural yeast. This organic bread is made with NATURAL sourdough yeast. It takes one full day (24hrs) to prepare it. The use of sourdough makes the bread easier to digest compared to breads with normal yeast. It is baked at an egg free and milk free factory that uses exclusively 100% organic ingredients. Suitable for vegans and people with milk or egg intolerance.


flour spelled (67%), natural leaven from spelled wheat (15%) (flour spelled, water), flour quinoa (8%), extra virgin olive oil (4%), rice syrup, lecithin sunflower, yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), salt. Workup with ethyl alcohol. Contains Gluten . May contain traces of soybean sesame and dry fruits . The allergens are shown in bold characters.



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