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Nutree Raw Energy Bar Matcha Dark Chocolate 60g


Nutree Raw Energy Bar Matcha Dark Chocolate 60g

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Matcha tea is the miraculous nature’s herb that contains 137 times more antioxidants than the common green tea. NUTREE’s Matcha & Dark Chocolate energy bar combines the organic and ceremonial grade Matcha Ninja tea with 100% dark chocolate, creating a unique flavour blend that ignites the senses!

Dates, Organic Matcha Ninja tea, 100% Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Organic Gluten Free Oats, Pumpkin Seeds, Vanilla natural Flavouring, Sea Salt.

NUTREE raw energy bars are a Vegan & Gluten free blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, spices and unique flavours. They are made of real, 100% natural, Mediterranean-inspired (mostly Greek) ingredients and we keep them raw to retain all their valuable nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Our plant-based NUTREE bars are handcrafted to offer you a premium snack, that is healthy and delicious, aimed to satisfy your need for natural energy boost and high mental performance. NUTREE bars are the ideal on-the-go bite whether you are at work, training or traveling!



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