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Nature’s Charm Pure Young Coconut Water 520ml


Nature’s Charm Pure Young Coconut Water 520ml

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Naturally refreshing. This 100% young coconut water can be taken as a drink or added to desserts & cooking.

It is also:

Isotonic – to keep you well hydrated with natural fluids and electrolytes with a concentration similar to that found in our body.

Good Source of Potassium – for normal functioning of our nervous system.

Coconut water is the purest water you will ever find. Look up a tree. See that coconut up there? That’s the distance the coconut water’s taken, and that’s a long way to travel up. What’s more, the water is intensively filtered and purified all along the way up the tree. Once safely in the coconut, the water is well protected by the hard shell and tough husk so you can be sure there’s no nasty chemical going into this precious water!

It tastes good and it sure is good for you.

-No added colour, preservatives, flavourings.

Ingredient: 100% coconut water


Nature’s Charm

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