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Maca Root (90 capsules)


Maca Root (90 capsules)




The high-quality Peruvian superfood is a well-known natural remedy for boosting energy levels and stamina. Our gelatinised maca root assists with weight loss, sexual libido as well as lowering stress & anxiety levels. 60 capsules per container (30-day supply).

Capsules are rich in:

✔️ Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant for improved hearth health, blood circulation and skin benefits
✔️ Zinc – antioxidant for neurological functions and immune response. Essential for one’s sense of taste and smell.
✔️ Iron – responsible for producing haemoglobin, an essential protein in red blood cells.
✔️ Amino Acids – all 20 including the nine essentials

Key Benefits:

  • Supports energy levels, stamina, and mood
  • Supports sexual & reproductive health, libido and performance. Assists with erectile dysfunction
  • Rich in vitamin B3 for brain function and lowering cholesterol & risk of heart disease
  • Rich in manganese for collagen production and skin health
  • Excellent vegan source of iron which prevents long-term illness including Anemia
  • 100% natural ingredients & suitable for vegans

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