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Joice Cereously Organic Amaranth Cereal 350g


Joice Cereously Organic Amaranth Cereal 350g

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Joice Cereously Healthy are made in Greece.

Joice Cereously Healthy are cereals made in Grece with Amaranth, Currants, Linseed, Almonds & Cranberries.

Amaranth is packed with manganese, exceeding your daily nutrient needs in just one serving. Manganese is especially important for brain function and believed to protect against certain neurological conditions. It’s also rich in magnesium, an essential nutrient involved in nearly 300 reactions in the body, including DNA synthesis and muscle contraction.
What’s more, amaranth is high in phosphorus, a mineral that is important for bone health. It’s also rich in iron, which helps your body produce blood.

Ingredients: wholegrain dinkel flour,amaranth flour (16%), linseed (16%), concentrated grape juice, extra virgin olive oil, black currants (1,5%) almonds (1,5%) cranberries (1.5%) salt



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