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H&H Luxury Home Fragrance Cashmere Two Wick Candle


H&H Luxury Home Fragrance Cashmere Two Wick Candle

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100% natural cotton wicks

Designed to curl to take tip of wick to hottest part of the flame to help reduce carbon build up.
Sophisticated and sensual, wrap yourself in the opulent aroma of heady florals resting on a base of patchouli and clean musk.
Natural soy wax blend
•  Cleaner burn

•  Great fragrance throw
•  Lower wax pool temperature
•  Kind to the environment
•  Biodegradable and renewable

This Ellipse candle offers a modern feel through its stylish jar shape and iridescent white glass. With two wicks for even more fragrance enjoyment and an intricately detailed embossed lid, this pretty candle makes a stylish addition to any home.

Renewable, sustainable, product – kinder to the environment.
Burn Time: up to 40 hours
Weight: 230g

Quality Fragrance

High levels of quality fragrance and essential oils, evenly distributed from top to bottom. Extensively researched, true-to-life scents sourced from top European fragrance houses
Distinctive design
Unique ellipse shape in semi-opaque coloured glass with white wax offering a wonderful burn experience when the wicks are lit



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