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Genie Kombucha Crisp Citrus 275ml


Genie Kombucha Crisp Citrus 275ml

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Waiting inside your delicious Crisp Citrus Genie kombucha are millions of live cultures especially for your gut. We ferment our kombucha using the finest black tea using a centuries old recipe. We then blend with natural juices and pink grapefruit extract to give a subtle citrus punch. Our kombuchas are unfiltered and therefore 100% vegan. Every Genie Kombucha is also free from any preservatives, e- numbers, added sugar or artificial sweetener

Our Crisp Citrus kombucha is a blend of fermented tea and citrus juices. Lemon and pink grapefruit flavours are expertly blended to balance the refreshing kombucha zing. No added sugar or added nasties.

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