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Frosch SENSITIVE ALOE VERA Laundry Detergent Powder 1.35kg


Frosch SENSITIVE ALOE VERA Detergent Powder 1.35kg

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  • washing strength
  • 30° – 60° C
  • environmentally friendly carton made of > 80% recycled paper
  • 50 loads of laundry

Frosch aloe vera sensitive powdered detergent is suitable for all fabrics except woll and silk. The aloe vera extracts in the formula gently wash colors at temperatures from 30° to 60° C, leaving laundry soft, clean and pleasantly scented.

The special long-term color protection makes sure colors do not fade or bleed and keeps them looking fresh even after several washings.

The gentle-to-skin detergent contains no dyes or preservatives.

The practical reclosable environmentally friendly carton is made from more than 80% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.



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