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Frosch Concentrated Lavender Fabric Softener 750ml


Frosch Lavender Fabric Softener 750ml

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    • plant-based softness and care
    • hypoallergenic: no dyes, mild fragrance
    • dermatologically tested

    Frosch lavender fabric softener uses a plant-based formula to make laundry soft and mildly scented. The vegan formula with lavender oil smooths fibers, increases wearing comfort and produces a natural, fresh scent.

    The hypoallergenic fabric softener does without dyes and uses a mild scent, making it ideal for use by people with allergies or sensitive skin. Its very good skin compatibility has been dermatologically confirmed.

    VEGAN: Many fabric softeners contain animal-based materials to make the laundry soft. Frosch fabric softeners use plant-based materials instead

    750 ml bottle





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