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Frosch Eco Window Spirit Cleaner – 500ml


Frosch Eco Window Spirit Cleaner – 500ml

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  • for glass, smooth surfaces & car windows
  • test winner in Stiftung Warentest – best grade of “very good”
  • alcohol eliminates streaks

Frosch bio-spirit glass cleaner cleans glass, car windows, mirrors and almost all smooth surfaces without leaving any streaks behind. With a formula containing proven, powerful grease-dissolving alcohol, the cleaner removes grease, dust, hair spray and make-up. The result is brilliant, no-streak cleanliness.

In its glass cleaner test in March 2018, Stiftung Warentest confirmed that Frosch bio-spirit glass cleaner is not only powerful but also material and environmentally friendly. The Frosch product triumphed over 18 competing glass cleaners with the best grade of “very good”.

*Do not apply to TFT and LCD screens and varnished (wood) surfaces.



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