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DUETUS – Nighttime Moisturizer 50ml Hemp Oil, Activated Charcoal


Nighttime Face Cream provides your skin with light night care. Perfect for oily or mixed skin. It moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates regeneration by significantly improving skin condition. Prevents imperfections, soothes irritations, refreshes and reduces skin imperfections.

Black Cumin is an extremely rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. It regulates the secretion of sebum, nourishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates and creates a protective barrier on the skin. It has strong anti-aging properties, mats, fights imperfections,

Thyme has a strong bactericidal, antiseptic and regenerative effect. Perfectly cleanses and effectively helps to fight imperfections,

Marigold cleans, cares, works antiseptically and nourishes. Strengthens the skin, soothes, regenerates, moisturizes and rejuvenates,

Cannabis Oil has an extremely strong soothing, regenerating and moisturizing effect. It protects the skin against damage and harmful influence of external factors. It evens skin tone, makes it more elastic, firms, has anti-aging effect.


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DUETUS – Night time Moisturizer 50ml

Hemp Oil

Activated Charcoal

Vitamin B3



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