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Diet Food Bio Keto Cookies With Cinnamon 80g


Diet Food Bio Keto Cookies With Cacao, 80g

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Sweetened with erythritol, which does not increase blood sugar.

Cookies, No Added Sugar, Diet Food Bio Keto Cookies With Cinnamon, 80g

Keto Cookies are delicious cookies based on coconut meat and desiccated coconut with some cocoa and sweetener erythritol.

No white sugar or preservatives. The cookies contain only ingredients from nature, there is nothing chemical or synthetic.

You can eat a valuable and healthy snack, especially when you are on Low carb or Keto diet.

They are a great snack during the day!


bio coconut flesh
bio coconut flakes
bio soybean powder
bio erythritol
organic cocoa 2%

Allergic Information: Soya, may contain nuts and gluten.


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