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Diet Food Bio Aronia Super Fruit 200g


Diet Food Bio Aronia Super Fruit 200g

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Diet-Food Bio Aronia Powder 200 g

Chokeberry or Aronia berry are small dark berries particulary high in antyhocyjanis which give them blue to black colour. The anthocyjanis protect us from the effect of ageing, cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases and bacterial infectiones. Aronia berries are nutrient-dense with minimal calories. They are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese and antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular diseases.


SUPER FRUIT is food packed with nutrition and is indeed a fantastic boost for a healthy diet. It contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals.  One of the essential vitamins required  by the body is vitamin C, which is absoluetly crucial  for supporting the immune system during the cold  and flu season. Because our bodies are unable to produce this vitamin, we have to replace it by eating fruits.

How can you use SUPER FRUIT?

You can mix 1-2 teaspoons with your favourite milk, yoghurt or juice, add to cereals, desserts and salads. Keep cool and dryin a hermetic closed cantainer


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