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Bumblezest Light CBD Tonic Water


Bumblezest Light CBD Tonic Water 200ml

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BumbleZest’s CBD (10mg) TONIC WATER – 12 x 200ml recyclable glass bottles

Designed to be drunk either as a sophisticated and healthy non-alcoholic drink on its own or of course as a mixer with your favourite premium spirit. It is a light tonic designed to help enhance and compliment the taste of your chosen premium spirit.

The recipe is vegan, all natural, low sugar and low calorie. No preservatives, additives, GMOs or  colours. Plus are gluten, dairy, lactose and nut free.

INGREDIENTS: Sparkling Water, Agave 3.3%, Lemon Juice NFC 1.8%, Natural Flavouring (containing Natural Quinine), Citric Acid, CBD (10mg Cannabis Sativa L) 0.005%