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Biovegan Quinoa Sourdough Extract 20g


Biovegan Quinoa Sourdough Extract 20g

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  • 100% organic sourdough extract for preparing gluten free bread with the typical acidity of sourdough and exotic nutty flavor of quinoa. Makes about 750 g bread. Ingredients: Quinoa-milling products *. * – organic agriculture
  • BioVegan Quinoa Sauerteig Extrakt

    is an organic quinoa sour dough extract for preparing a bread with the aroma of quinoa, the gold of the Incas. The exotic nutty aroma paired with the typical acidity of sourdough will enrich your baked goods.

    Quinoa Sourdough Bread
    You still add (for 1 gluten-free bread):
    80 g wholemeal rice flour
    210 g wholemeal buckwheat flour
    70 g amaranth flour
    140 g corn starch
    10 g psyllium husks
    1 sachet BioVegan Meister baker’s yeast (7 g)
    8 g salt
    430 ml lukewarm water
    3 tbsp (30 ml) neutral oil
    4 tbsp (40 ml) apple vinegar
    some fat and flour for the baking tin
    Mix the contents of the bag well in a bowl with all the dry ingredients. Add the water, oil and cider vinegar and mix with a wooden spoon to form a homogeneous dough. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and leave to rise in a warm place. Then knead briefly.
    Then smooth the dough and dust with flour. Bake the bread together with a bowl of water in a preheated
    oven for approx. 50 minutes at 180°C convection oven.
    1. You cannot make a base with the quinoa sourdough extract.
    2. The sourdough alone has no leavening power.
    3. For 500 g flour, 1 sachet of BioVegan Meister baker’s yeast (7 g) is needed.


    (94%) milled quinoa products*, milled rice products*, starter cultures
    * From certified organic farming.

    Additional Information:

    Gluten free. Vegan.
    Store in a dry place, protected from heat.




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