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Biovegan Organic Bourbon Vanilla Pod


Biovegan Organic Bourbon Vanilla Pod

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BioVegan Bourbon Vanille SchoteBourbon Vanilla, the queen of spices, gives a certain taste to many dishes thanks to its unique aroma. Real Bourbon Vanilla has a guaranteed origin from Madagascar
How to use the Real Bourbon Vanilla Pod:
1. Carve the pod lengthwise with the blade tip.
2. Scrape out the vanilla pulp lengthwise.Tip: Do not throw away the pod after scratching, it can wonderfully flavor your sugar, milk or tea. Even savory foods such as vinegar, oil, salt, pepper or mustard can be wonderfully combined with vanilla.
Bourbon vanilla pod from certified organic farming.
Gluten free. Vegan.
Store in a dry place, protected from heat.



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