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Bioland Organic Crispy Onions 100g


Bioland Organic Crispy Onions 100g


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Bioland Organic Crispy Onions 100g

Roasted onions have the wonderful property, with their crunch, their roasted aromas and their inimitably delicious taste, to crown almost every dish in terms of taste and appearance. Whether with cheese spaetzle, hot dogs or mashed potatoes – whether in the conventional version or the suitable vegan alternative – the crispy onions are simply an indispensable ingredient in many popular dishes.

Since the need for an appetizing topping or a hearty garnish often only arises when serving, if you don’t want to heat up another pan, you should always have a few fried onions at home. The solution is the fried onions from Heimatkost, which are not only delicious, but also made with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. We have them in our online shop in 100 gram cups and in two varieties, both in the classic version and as gluten-free fried onions .

What tastes good and is always compatible? Fried onions!

Roasted onions are an effective flavoring agent and find their place in numerous recipes. Basically, you can sprinkle them on top of the mashed potatoes, the casserole, the pasta, the salad – even the spread can be easily spiced up with crispy fried onions. Fried onions are a real secret ingredient!



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