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Better than Pasta Tagliatelle – 385g


Biological product
Only 9 calories per 100g serving
Low glycemic index (suitable for diabetics)
Gluten free
No fat
No carbs
Rich in fiber
Suitable for vegans
Ready in 2 minutes

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Organic tagliatelle meal without gluten, wheat, sugar and fat. It is produced from flour derived from the Konjac plant, which is a complete food with a high fiber content. Konjac has been consumed in Asian countries for centuries and is famous for being a low-glycemic food and contains the beneficial fiber glucomannan , which works effectively against obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure and digestive problems. Creates the feeling of satiety for a long time. Contains only 9 calories per serving (100g). Better Than meals contain 3 servings per package, ready to eat in just two minutes


Better Than

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