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Beauty Sweeties, Sugar-free Bunnies, 125g



Beauty Sweeties, Sugar-free Bunnies, 125g


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Sugar free fruit jelly bunnies with coenzym Q10, aloe vera, biotin and sweetener.

The tasty vegan bunnies are made of gelatine-free fruit and fruity foam. The sweet bunnies get their fruit content thanks to many delicious and juicy fruits like apples, grapes, cherries.

Ingredients: Maltitol syrup; modified starch; acidifying agent: malic acid; hydrolyzed pea protein; natural flavours; black currant concentrate; black carrot concentrate; turmeric; saflorkonzentrat; spirulinakonzentrat; süßkartoffelkonzentrat; red radish concentrate; apple concentrate; red grape concentrate; cherry concentrate; sweeteners: steviol glycosides; palm oil; coating agent: carnauba wax; coenzyme q10 (0.015%); aloe vera gel (0.015%); biotin.


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