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ALOESOVE Organic Regenerating Gel 250ml


Aloesove Regenerating Gel

Face, Body, Hair

The product can be used on face, body and hair:
Face – as a moisturizing, soothing and cooling cream, gel for the eye area and after shaving,
Body – as a moisturizing and cooling body lotion, after sunbathing, insect bites and as a hand and foot cream,
Hair – as a serum for damaged and dry hair ends.

Universal aloe vera gel, containing organic aloe extract, perfectly moisturizes, stimulates skin cells for faster reconstruction. It prevents hair loss and encourages faster hair growth, strengthening the bulbs. It soothes, and accelerates regeneration processes, bringing relief to irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Aloe Extract– the best quality ingredient, derived from organic farming, EU-certified. High quality, confirmed by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) mark. Aloe extract has highly regenerative and antioxidant properties,

Ginkgo Biloba extract increases collagen production, makes the skin elastic and smoother,

Complex of Natural Essential Oils leaves the feeling of matte and refreshed skin.

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ALOESOVE Organic Regenerating Gel



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