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40 Delicious Vegan Recipes: Cook Book and Guide /Paperback


40 Delicious Vegan Recipes: Cook Book and Guide /Paperback

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This book is written to help inspire anyone who is transitioning to a plant-based diet, whether for a short while or with the long term in mind. In many cultures, fasting happens at various times of the year, in various forms, and for many people around the globe, detoxes and cleanses are increasing in popularity as there is more and more research into the health benefits of allowing the body time to recover and heal.Here you will find forty delicious tried and tested recipes, developed by myself based on lots of different cultures, cuisines and traditional recipes that have been ‘veganised’, that I hope will inspire you for either the whole Greek Orthodox Lenten period (the time when this book was published) or give you ideas of things to cook everyday for over a month.I have tried to choose a good selection of my vegan recipes which should cover all moods and tastes, and give you a variety of meals and snacks to last the whole period. Some recipes you will hopefully love enough to make more than once in that time, others you can play with and have fun experimenting to make it your very own using different herbs and varying the ingredients to suit your own individual taste and needs.



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